Thursday, 29 November 2007

Former DuPont scientist jailed for information theft

Gary Min, a former DuPont scientist, has just been jailed for 18 months for stealing confidential information. He downloaded 22,000 abstracts and 16,000 full-text documents over a five-month period before leaving the company. He subsequently uploaded 180 of these DuPont documents onto a corporate laptop from his new employer, Victrex, a competitor of DuPont. The information was valued at over $400million.

Apparently most of these documents were unrelated to his job at DuPont. You have to wonder why it took DuPont so long to spot this pattern and report him to the FBI, and why he had access to so much information.

It’s not quite on the scale of the UK’s HMRC fiasco, but it raises a similar question: why do employees get access to such a large quantity of information that’s not related to their jobs?

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